Chris Wiranata


MSI committed to provide access to closed loop digital ecosystem with proven services and solutions align with client’s objective to achieve business value.


  • MSI is the creator and leader of the new breed of B2B VAS.

  • MSI dedicates itself to contribute the increase ARPU of its clients.

  • MSI is the Telco-friendly and long term partner with beneficial TSP model.

MSI was established in early 2014 by experienced software engineers who have been working in software development field in various software development areas such as Mobile Application (Android, iOS, BB, Windows Mobile), Website Development, and management system, and many more

Core Values

Age of Access

We assure the access to the success with creative ASP model


We put our clients top priority for maximum increase of ARPU


We make continuous efforts to create new B2B VAS to enrich the mobile communication.


We pursue the converged communication life in the internet and the mobile communication.


MSI has a long-term and closest business relationship with finest telecommunication companies in the prospective Indonesia region.

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