Web & Portal Solution

Innovations run in our team's spirit because we know every client has different challenges and needs. Our objective is to always meet client's requests in leveraging their businesses.

Mobisuite Corporate

Technology can also help your corporate to build its image. This Customer Relationship Man agement based software will be able to support you in communicating with your loyal customer while building your image - relationship.

Mobile Ads Solution

Developing qualified, scalable and efficient solutions is one of our objectives, in order to meet that agenda, we always put our best effort filled with maximized ability and creativity.

One stop shop for all Branded mobile advertising solutions

We develop, connect, capture, and optimize you brand campaigns thru our sophisticated mobile engagement platform

Mobile Apps Development

Wifi Ads Solution

AdFi aggregates Wi-Fi hotspot operators and serve as a platform for advertiser to reach potential & geo-targeted audience.

Digital Signage & Printing

One of the fastest growing OOH – digital signage placement

We have been aggressively building and locating the best LED spot in the market.

Brand awareness and strong name recognition

Big, bold, colorfull, creative, and eye-cathing advertising have more impact.

The combination of digital printing with proven technology allows obtaining an optimised and high quality digital printing which is fully tailored to your needs.

Corporate Solution

Bolt Corporate Solutions

We provide custom built network solution & integrated M2M business solution for corporate clients.

Brand awareness and strong name recognition

Big, bold, colorfull, creative, and eye-cathing advertising have more impact.

BOLT! Private Network (VPN)

  • Unlimited Quota
  • Speed up to 10 Mbps (UL/DL)
  • 24 months subscription
  • Local IP Static

BOLT! CCTV Solution

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) 20GB/month
  • Speed up to 10 Mbps (UL/DL)
  • Local IP Static for CCTV
  • 24 months subscription
  • 10% tax included

S2S e-Pulse integration

Network & Connectivity Solution

System Integrator - Corporate Solutions

Our approach takes into consideration:
  • Migrating from proprietary networks and cost centers to converge and comply with IT systems and security.
  • Evaluating and utilizing existing technology and platforms, while design ing a future roadmap towards enterprise standards.
  • Maintaining agnostic manufacturer evaluation, negotiation and management.
  • Ensuring the solutions become ROI through design and reporting.
  • Designing environmentally conscious technology solutions and systems
  • Providing custom Managed Services with the most efficient mix of on-site and remote management support

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